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IOMC 2017

International Outcome Measurement Conference

  The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the Journal of Applied Measurement, and the Measurement Networking Group of ACRM, with the generous support of MetaMetrics, are pleased to announce that the International Outcome Measurement Conference, IOMC 2017, will be held in Chicago at the new Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago - Shirley Ryan Abilitylab Hospital. The state of the art rehabilitation hospital, located at 355 E. Erie in Chicago, opened in March 2017. The two-day conference will be held on Friday, September 15, and Saturday, September 16, 2017.

  This is the fifth meeting of IOMC, a series of health outcomes meetings that originated in 1996. The first IOMC, organized by Richard Smith and Ben Wright, was held at the University of Chicago. IOMC 2017 will feature 12 presentation sessions over two days. The paper and symposium submission period is now closed. The preliminary schedule is now available. Further information on IOMC 2017 can be found by clicking on IOMC 2017 Announcement below to download the printable pdf.

IOMC 2017 Announcement

Paper and Symposium Submission

  The paper and symposium submission process is now closed.

  The paper and symposium submission forms can be downloaded as printable pdfs by clicking on the IOMC 2017 Paper Submission Form and the IOMC 2017 Symposium Submission Form links below.

IOMC 2017 Paper Submission Form

IOMC 2017 Symposium Submission Form

  Following peer review, the papers presented at this conference will be published in the Journal of Applied Measurement beginning in 2018. Authors are invited to provide a peer review copy of the manuscript that will be presented at IOMC 2017 as soon as possible to expedite publication. The Journal of Applied Measurement is indexed in Pub Med and Index Medicus, which provides medical researchers easy access to the abstracts of the papers.

Conference Registration

  Regular conference registration is open. The meeting space will seat 120 participants classroom style. The final date for regular registration is August 31, 2017. Late registration for IOMC 2017 will be available untill all available space is filled. The registration fee is $60 US for professionals and $35 US for graduate students. The late registration fee is $90 US. The IOMC 2017 Registration Form link below connects to a printable pdf that can be completed and returned by e-mail or surface mail. The conference registration process is not available online. Onsite registration will be accepted at the late regiatration rate, as long as seats are available. Checks (payable in USD and drawn on a US bank) as well as VISA and MasterCard payments are accepted for registration fees. Hotel, dinning, and travel information will be available on this website by June 2017.

IOMC 2017 Registration Form

  A pdf of the preliminary IOMC 2017 presentation schedule is available by clicking on the IOMC 2017 Preliminary Presentation Schedule link below. Accepted presentations have been added to the schedule.

IOMC 2017 Preliminary Presentation Schedule

Preliminary Conference Program

  The preliminary conference program will be available in late August 2017. Please click on the IOMC 2017 Preliminary Conference Program below for a printable version of the program. The final program will contains abstracts for all of the presentations. Small changes in the program are possible at any time. The final conference program will be available in a printable pdf shortly before the conference.

IOMC 2017 Preliminary Conference Program

Conference Dinner

  The conference dinner is planned for the Dao Thai Restaurant at 230 E. Ohio St. on Friday, September 15, 2017, at 6:30 pm. The restaurant is a short 2 block walk from the conference venue. The restaurant has played a non-trivial role in the development of Rasch health outcome scales (Think COMET). The restaurant menu is available at: The cost of the dinner is not included in the registration fees.